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A huge challenge
In every sense
of the word

    More than just a touch bigger

  • The fictitious character Gulliver must have felt like this when he arrived at the land occupied by giants. Being a service engineer, Fritz Kartum has worked in many different environments but never one quite like this. He stares down into the black shaft aware of the fact that the object on his to-do inspection list today is right at the bottom: a huge oil separator unit. Normally, Fritz has to inspect and overhaul separator units at garages and car wash businesses and these are at ground level or just below the concrete surface. Their volume: 600 to 2,500 litres. The oil separator unit that he has to climb down to today is not only seven metres below the ground, it is also able to hold 10,000 litres. More than four times that of a standard oil separator unit.

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Welcome to
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

  • There is a rational explanation behind all this even if, at first glance, the size of the unit that has to be inspected may seem to be something quite fantastical. The separator unit that Fritz has to service is located in an area that is not used by cars or buses but by the largest means of transport around: cargo and passenger planes. And the location is Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. It has 19 light liquid separators and four fat separators – all of them underground and most of them as large as the huge oil separator described above. The total capacity of all the units added together is 40,000 litres.

    Roaring airbuses overhead, a cavernous separator unit seven metres below ground – the perfect ingredients for a very unusual assignment.

    Unusual dimensions – the usual quality

    Following the motto “Grow with your tasks”, Fritz Kartum and his team set about their work unfazed by the size of the units. At the end of the day, there was a lot to do. All of the units had to be fully emptied and cleaned and checks had to be carried out to assess their condition and ensure there were no leaks. Tasks that the AS-CONTROL experts perform every single day and know extremely well. And it was this routine that helped them to accomplish this highly unusual project. Especially in the face of the huge efforts it involved. There is, of course, a big difference between placing a pipe stopper in a standard-sized pipe and, as was the case here at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, in a pipe that is so large that a grown man can climb through it. To say nothing of the work needed to get the equipment down to the bottom of the seven-metre shafts and back up again.

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    • We were commissioned to inspect and service the separator units at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport because we were able to show that we are one of the leading specialists in this sector and have the skills required to handle all types of separators. Thanks to our specialist company AS-CONTROL, we carry out such inspection and maintenance work over 2,500 times a year – including all renovation and repair work and handling all the residual materials. The fact that we are a one-stop shop and able to offer all services ourselves makes us what we are: a genuine giant in the area of separator services.

    Modern equipment and highly trained staff – two essentials for guaranteeing top quality separator services

AS-CONTROL is the REMONDIS Group’s specialist for sewers, wastewater facilities and all types of separators.

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