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  • Founded in the German town of Lünen in the 1930s, REMONDIS – a family-run business – has become one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies. More than 30 million people and many thousands of companies already benefit from our services.

  • REMONDIS has companies all around the globe – with around 1,000 business locations in over 30 countries

  • We are well aware that company growth also means greater responsibilities – especially when it comes to establishing REMONDIS’ high recycling and environmental standards around the globe. Which is why we are doing everything in our power to conserve our planet’s natural resources and recover recyclable materials in Europe as well as in Africa, Asia and Australia. At the end of the day, sustainable development is only truly possible if it is planned and implemented on a global scale.

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REMONDIS in Europe

    • Europe is where the concept of recycling was born and REMONDIS has been one of the key players helping to drive forward this sector to create a more sustainable circular economy. We were one of the first businesses to commit to the principle of “recycling rather than disposal” and have helped turn this idea into reality by providing efficient services and innovative recycling technology across the whole of Europe.

    REMONDIS can be found in practically all EU member states where it provides both the public and industrial sectors with a whole range of recycling services. And it has even become the market leader in Poland as the largest privately run recycling company. Other important regions include the Benelux countries, France, UK and Spain. Together with our subsidiaries, we have around 700 European locations and 30,000 employees and collect, sort and recycle almost 30 million tonnes of waste and provide water services to approx. 8 million people.

REMONDIS in Africa

    • Africa has the greatest potential for growth when it comes to sustainable development. The biggest challenge here is helping to promote the economy and boost prosperity without neglecting environmental issues.

    REMONDIS is the company to turn to for sustainable and responsible growth. In 2015, for example, REMONDIS Aqua joined together with a group of scientific and business partners to initiate a research project in South Africa that looked into integrated water resource management. Working closely with local businesses, one of the milestones of this project is to create suitable structures so that high quality water facilities can be operated that are both economically viable and environmentally friendly. REMONDIS also operates in North Africa and on the Arab peninsua. Our main business here is supporting our industrial customers by providing them with efficient maintenance services to speed up plant shutdowns – effectively promoting the economy and sustainable development at the same time.


    • Asia not only has the fastest rate of population growth, it also has to tackle huge environmental problems. Together, China and India make up almost one quarter of the world’s population – and the number of their inhabitants continues to grow. At the moment, the annual per capita consumption of raw materials in this region is still far below European levels.

    We believe it is really important to help Asian countries access a sustainable supply of raw materials by recovering recyclable substances from their waste. Unless systematic recycling operations are set up, it will be impossible to supply the billions of people with the products they need and save the environment from being destroyed. We already operate many different plants and facilities in China, Taiwan, India and Singapore. In Singapore, for example, REMONDIS’ subsidiary, REMEX, recovers and recycles mineral aggregate from IBA delivered from the country’s largest incineration plant. REMONDIS sorts plastic waste in China and Taiwan and returns the recycled plastic to production cycles. A number of regions, such as the Indian subcontinent, also benefit from REMONDIS’ willingness to invest as well as from REMONDIS Aqua’s in-depth know-how of the water sector.

REMONDIS in Australia

    • REMONDIS Australia has dedicated itself to promoting sustainable development on the fifth continent. Our Australian subsidiary offers reliable and innovative solutions for all types of industrial and municipal waste.

    REMONDIS Australia has been providing top quality waste management and recycling services since 1982 and leads the market when it comes to recycling organic waste, processing recyclables, managing public sector waste management services and disposing of residual industrial waste using environmentally compatible processes. With over 1,000 employees and 600 trucks at 32 accredited business locations and 27 recycling plants, REMONDIS Australia recovers and returns a good 400,000 tonnes of recycled raw materials to production cycles every year.

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