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RENOTHERM®. Fuel for power plants, cement works and other industrial furnaces.

Oil, gas and coal are still important sources of energy. However, as supplies of these fuels become scarcer and scarcer, so the demand for alternative solutions is increasing – for example for substitute fuel made from waste that is unsuitable for materials recycling. REMONDIS produces and markets liquid and solid substitute fuels under the brand name RENOTHERM® and, as a result, helps to reduce the market's dependency on primary fossil fuels. And, at the same time, the environment benefits from this – for example as natural resources are conserved and CO2 emissions are reduced.



All stages of producing substitute fuel are strictly monitored. This ensures that the fuel is of a constant and strictly defined quality. In order to ensure that RENOTHERM® can be used without any problems, we consistently observe the instructions and limit values of our customers' facilities.



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