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A whole range of products.
And each and every one of them of excellent quality.

REMONDIS operates many large industrial facilities around the world to manufacture its brand-name products.

REMONDIS produces a wide range of products. And more are being added all the time. The market recognizes the high quality of our products. PLANOLEN®, alumin®, casul® and many other of our brand-name goods are in high demand across the world and are equal in every way to products made from primary raw materials.




The most important REMONDIS products and their areas of use:

alumin® is a special sodium aluminate that stands out thanks to its high level of purity and reactivity as well as its very great stability. It is used for, among other things, treating wastewater as well as for the production of paints and paper. more



CASUL® is our high quality white pigment for the paper industry, the chemicals industry and well as for construction chemicals.more



We market our various qualities of compost under the HUMERRA® brand name for landscaping, horticulture, agriculture and hobby gardening more



RE-Plano® plastic granulates are used, for example, in the production of vehicle parts, plastic wall plugs, casing for electrical appliances, plastic film and pipes. more



PYROHACK® is our wood fuel that has many positive features: it comes from the region, is produced from renewable raw materials and is carbon neutral. Last but by no means least, PYROHACK® is the ideal solution for a very wide range of uses thanks to its high calorific value. mehr



Our various RADDiBIN binding agents and additives are used, for example, for liquid flooring, porous concrete, fertilizers and cement as well as by the drinks industry and for dentistry work. more



RESOLVE is our umbrella brand for solvents and fresh chemicals which we also mix individually in accordance with customer wishes. more



REMONDIS produces and markets liquid and solid substitute fuels under the brand name RENOTHERM® and by doing so helps to reduce dependency on primary fuels. more



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