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Paper recycling.
Perfect resource conservation.

The German paper mills alone process around 15 million tonnes of waste paper each year. A large percentage of this is supplied by REMONDIS.

Waste paper is the most important quality raw material for the paper industry. You can throw away your waste paper into the waste paper containers, into the wastepaper household bins ("blue bin") or bundle it together for it to be collected – each local authority uses their own specific method. Large quantities of waste paper should be taken to recycling centres.




What does REMONDIS do with paper?

We operate 64 facilities in Europe that sort many millions of tonnes of paper every year. As we use a wide range of processes, we are able to offer a wide range of different kinds of paper and are also able to supply companies that produce the finest of papers.




We ensure that yesterday's bestseller is tomorrow's newspaper.





If you do not wish to take your waste paper to the paper container but would rather have a wheelie bin for paper at your home, then we may be able to help you. Ring our hotline: 0180 208 0 208 to find out whether your district/city is part of our catchment area.

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