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Privatization in the water resources sector.

Greater quality. Lower costs.

We supply drinking water to, for example, the City of Drobin near Warsaw, Gotha in Thüringen and the Lausitz region in Brandenburg. If you would like to learn more about this, then please visit the website of REMONDIS Aqua

Across Germany, around 15,000 municipal companies deal with water supply and wastewater treatment. They ensure that water is of a very high quality – but their costs are too high: water in Germany is more expensive than anywhere else in the world. It has already been shown that privatization and public private partnerships reduce costs within water management. For 25 years now, REMONDIS has been a reliable partner for all tasks within the public water management sector.




REMONDIS invests in the operational efficiency of municipal water management businesses:

Public private partnerships are a flexible, safe and, above all, economical solution for municipal water management businesses. For the private sector company that participates provides extensive resources as well as specialist know-how which means that pressure is taken off the public purse, rates and charges remain at a stable level and guarantees can be given that all services are carried out in a legally sound manner. Moreover, it also provides capital that can be invested in logistics, facilities and technology.




We are also active in wastewater treatment, for example, in the Bavarian city of Gemünden. Here, we were able to lower wastewater treatment rates by 20 percent. You can read all about this project on the website of our subsidiary REMONDIS Aqua

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