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Citizen-oriented. Economical. Eco-friendly.

Privatization in the environmental service sector.

For many years now, the FES Frankfurt am Main public private partnership has kept rates and charges at a stable level and provided both citizens and businesses with a comprehensive range of services.

Municipalities must carry out a wide range of sophisticated tasks when it comes to waste management and city cleaning services. And these tasks are becoming more and more difficult as laws are tightened up, citizens demand a more comprehensive range of services and a greater number of material flows have to be transported and recycled separately. When working together with municipalities, REMONDIS helps them to fulfil these tasks in the best possible way by providing comprehensive services and joint public private partnership solutions.




REMONDIS' range of services for municipalities

  • collecting and transporting waste, recyclables and hazardous waste
  • operating processing, treatment and sorting facilities as well as plants to recover raw materials
  • managing municipal recycling centres
  • providing city cleaning services, maintaining green areas and clearing roads in winter
  • collecting rates and charges
  • financing investments in logistics and personnel

The WBO Wirtschaftsbetriebe Oberhausen GmbH – a public private partnership between the city council and REMONDIS – has been providing citizens and businesses in this district in the west of the Ruhr area with reliable services for 10 years now.



REMONDIS provides guaranteed waste management services for 30 million people around the globe.


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