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"Forward-thinking concepts, efficient cooperation work, comprehensive solutions with an unbroken chain of services. These are REMONDIS' characteristic features.“

Integral value-added solutions, extensive environmental protection. Top quality water management and environmental services.

Being a water and environmental service company, REMONDIS deals with two of today's greatest challenges: preventing climate change and conserving resources. Progress has been made in both areas when comprehensive concepts have been successfully implemented that unite many individual solutions as one complete solution. This is the reason why REMONDIS offers such a wide and varied range of services to companies, municipalities and private individuals.




Companies need individual environmental service concepts – for waste as well as for water and wastewater. REMONDIS develops efficient solutions here which support each company's core business in a very effective manner. more

Municipalities wish to lower costs, safeguard jobs and become active in new fields of business within the water and environmental service sector. To help them achieve these goals, REMONDIS offers convenient public private partnership solutions. more

Private individuals are the focal point of many of our services; they are, after all, the ones who profit from our work. Many questions come up about what we do and we're very happy to answer them here

Branch-specific solutions


Our speciality is providing service packages which have been optimized to suit different target groups. Select a branch and learn more about what we can do for you:



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