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Our core business is sustainability

Sustainability is the central feature of our company philosophy and directly influences all of REMONDIS' business activities. In 34 countries all around the world, we promote and advance the efforts being made to sustainably improve living conditions. Ecological, economic and social responsibilities are all very closely entwined.

Committed to people and the environment

  • In 2050, the Earth's population will have risen to 9.2 billion people – an increase of almost one third. This means that progress and quality of life will be even more closely entwined with sustainability and all it entails. The world's rapidly growing population will not only continue to need energy, heat, food and everyday products but also a safe place to live with clean water, fertile soils and a stable climate. We are helping to master these global challenges – by focusing on recycling, services and water management.

It’s well worth keeping the future in mind

  • REMONDIS has been awarded the "Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis" (German Sustainability Award) for the second time since 2012. A jury of 16 experts has named our firm one of the top 3 companies in the category, “Germany’s Most Sustainable Companies”, for 2014 – in recognition of the way we unite running a successful business with protecting the environment and being socially responsible. It is a great honour to receive this award and it will further drive our efforts to recover and supply raw materials. We will, of course, continue to do everything in our power to develop new ways to conserve our planet’s natural resources and protect the environment.

Recycling: guaranteeing supplies of raw materials, preventing climate change

  • No raw materials – no production. Our planet's resources will not last forever. Indeed some are already becoming hard to find. REMONDIS offers future-oriented alternatives with its systematic recycling activities: at our 500 business locations across the globe, we recover high quality raw materials from waste which are then processed and transformed into intermediate goods or finished products and returned to the economic cycle. We tap into innovative sources of energy which can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels and produce fertilisers and soil improvers. These are all important steps that contribute towards ensuring there is a guaranteed supply of raw materials and, at the same time, towards preventing climate change. Moreover, this also reduces the need to exploit land, as recycled materials are not taken from the natural environment.

    The world's first and only sustainability certificate for our commercial and industrial customers provides detailed proof of how companies cut carbon emissions and reduce consumption of primary raw materials and energy PDF

Services: protecting living space

  • Improving quality of life for all generations – our extensive services create the perfect conditions to do just this

  • One of the main objectives of our business activities is to create a basis that promotes safe and healthy living conditions. This includes initiatives to prevent damage being made to the environment, to recover hazardous substances and to redevelop contaminated land. It also covers the collection and processing of hazardous waste with REMONDIS recycling the materials in the most sensible way and permanently eliminating any potential risks the substances might otherwise have had. The services we offer cities and districts have the same goal – no matter whether it has to do with managing waste or keeping the towns clean and tidy. We provide both local authorities and companies with comprehensive support helping them to set up sustainable systems and, by doing so, to enhance their positive impact.

Water: working for a basic human right

  • Water is vital and demand for it is growing. REMONDIS is committed to creating future-oriented water management systems. We tap into new sources of water, process water into drinking water and supply water to households and companies in many countries around the world. At the same time, we promote effective wastewater treatment to recover this valuable substance and create a top quality product. We also make the most of the potential hidden in wastewater – using it to generate energy or to recover recyclable materials and return them to the economic cycle. Thanks to the investments we make in networks and facilities, we help to create an essential infrastructure for improving quality of life.

REMONDIS: a tradition of sustainability

Right from the moment the company was founded around 80 years ago, it has focused on providing services that positively impact people and the environment. We continue to be pioneers in our field pushing forward progress to create innovative solutions – for today and for tomorrow. Working for the future.

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