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Business growth to benefit local inhabitants

 REMONDIS Aqua concentrates on the business operations. The water association decides on investments, statutes and water charges

Partnership means both higher quality and lower costs are possible


Five years ago, Wasserverband Lausitz handed over the task of operating its plants to WAL-Betrieb, a subsidiary of REMONDIS Aqua. The cooperation work established as a result of this decision has developed into an impressive success story: by following pioneering strategies, not only were the original targets reached but a highly respected water service company created, whose services are in high demand both in Germany and abroad.


25 cities and districts in the south of Brandenburg have joined together to create Wasserverband Lausitz, a municipal water association. Its aim is to provide high quality and low-cost drinking water and wastewater treatment for the 120,000 local inhabitants as well as for the industrial and commercial businesses in the region. Wasserverband Lausitz Betriebsführungs GmbH (WAL-Betrieb) is there at its side acting as its strong partner. Since 2006, WAL-Betrieb has been responsible for the technical and commercial operations of the association’s water facilities. 




Cooperation as the road to the future

When the municipal water association opted for privatization, it seemed to

 Training sessions in water management and recycling: international guests and scholarship students from many different countries travel to WAL-Betrieb’s training centre

be practically impossible to keep the water charges at a stable level: on the one hand, the number of inhabitants in the association’s region had dropped by 12 percent in just five years. Water management costs, therefore, had to be spread among fewer and fewer households. On the other hand, large investments needed to be made, primarily to redevelop the waterworks and extend the sewer system to increase the number of households connected to the public wastewater system. 




Goal achieved, strategy endorsed
The Europewide tender and transfer of the operations to WAL-Betrieb brought about the desired change. Together, WAL-Betrieb and REMONDIS Aqua implemented a strong future-oriented concept that is targeted towards growth. And their efforts are paying off: by expanding WAL-Betrieb, it is possible to carry out the water management tasks in a highly cost-efficient manner. As a result there are many benefits for those living in the Lausitz as the efficient organizational structures and the income from third-party business not only help to keep charges stable. They also ensure that there are high standards and even create new jobs. 




Services offered by WAL-Betrieb

  • Processing and distribution of drinking water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Fee management
  • Drawing up of fee statutes
  • Engineering services
  • Geo-information systems/network management
  • Recording and assessment of the condition of sewer
  • pipes using CCTV
  • Construction services in the drinking water and wastewater sector
  • Training centre
  • Maintenance and sale of biological septic tanks 

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