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Business growth to benefit local inhabitants


Partnership means both higher quality and lower costs are possible: Five years ago, Wasserverband Lausitz handed over the task of operating its plants to WAL-Betrieb, a subsidiary of REMONDIS Aqua. The cooperation work established as a result of this decision has developed into an impressive success story: more

 REMONDIS Aqua concentrates on the business operations. The water association decides on investments, statutes and water charges





Signal effect for Eastern and Central Europe


What was achieved in the Lausitz can be achieved elsewhere. Marten Eger, technical managing director of WAL-Betrieb, on market position, advantages for local inhabitants and the role model effect of the public private partnership. more

Marten Eger, Managing Director of WAL-Betrieb




Water resources management

The detection of leaks in property drainage systems

The wastewater company owned by the City of Rees and REMONDIS Aqua are to tackle this mammoth task together: The inspection of property drainage systems in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is causing much discussion – among local inhabitants, local authorities and housing associations as well as among service providers such as REMONDIS Aqua. more

 In the German state of NRW, all property owners must have their drainage systems checked for leaks by experts – as laid down in the State Water Law

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