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Welcome XERVON – A strong addition to the REMONDIS group


A new company has further strengthened the Rethmann Group: With retrospective effect from 01 April 2011, REMONDIS purchased the service provider XERVON from ThyssenKrupp AG. The closing of the transaction took place on 30 November. Martin Stillger, chairman of the executive management team at the XERVON Group welcomed the successful closing. more

 XERVON is one of the world’s leading companies providing technical services in the area of constructing and maintaining industrial plants





The 90s – the move  towards recycling


Separating waste to close material cycles.

At the beginning of the 90s, there was a new way of thinking within the German waste management branch: the linear chain with its different parts – extracting raw materials, production, consumption and disposal – was disbanded. Instead, there should be a circle whereby the consumption of a product was not the end but the start of a new beginning. more

1991: Klaus Matthiesen, former NRW Environmental Minister, Prof. Klaus Töpfer, former Federal Environmental Minister, and Norbert Rethmann




Environmental services 

The PPP model in the Harz region


Abfallwirtschaft Nordharz celebrates its 20th anniversary: Two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and just one year after the reunification of Germany, there was a great spirit of optimism in the new German states in every class of society – a period like no other in the history of Germany. more

 Reddeber: a business location that is a role model for the whole of the country




Environmental services

Helping to prevent climate change


Compost and biogas making an important contribution towards preventing climate change: “Nature knows no waste – nor does REMONDIS” – this is one of the company’s guiding principles. Just how  far-sighted this principle is can be seen, for example, in the area of modern compost and biogas plants. More and more, they are being seen as a future-oriented technology that can make an important contribution towards the planned energy turnaround in Germany as well as towards preventing climate change. more

Using state-of-the-art technology, biowaste can be used to produce gas, electricity and heat

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