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Environmental services

Quality from gypsum

 Gypsum is a natural product; large quantities of it are also generated in the filter systems at coal-fired power plants


SHG supplies industrial businesses with high quality speciality gypsum


SHG, a company belonging to the REMONDIS Group, offers its industrial customers a wide range of products based on the natural calcium sulfate base materials, gypsum and anhydrite. The companies purchasing these high quality specialty gypsums are domestic and foreign firms active in the ceramic industry as well as businesses producing roof tiles, household articles and gifts. Furthermore, the food and feed industry and the medical sector use SHG’s products.


Besides the construction industry, which has traditionally been processing gypsum for centuries, industrial customers also benefit from the diversity of the product and the state-of-the-art facilities used by SHG to refine the material. The technical flexibility of the different furnaces ensures that the calcined gypsums have the best possible properties. This also includes precisely processing the gypsum products into a whole range of different particle sizes from coarse to ultrafine. Südharzer Gipswerk has decades of experience in the formulation and quality control of gypsums for the construction sector and its industrial customers.


Südharzer Gipswerk GmbH’s raw products come from the large deposits of natural gypsum found close to the company’s production plants in Sulzheim (Lower Franconia) and Ellrich (Thüringen). These natural deposits differ according to their geological formation, age and thickness. SHG processes this natural raw material into high quality products. These include raw products, which are anhydrous as anhydrite or with water of crystallization as dihydrate, in various stages of hydration. Special qualities of calcium-sulfate hemihydrate raw gypsum are used by SHG to produce alpha and beta-hemihydrate, which in turn is used to produce various gypsum mixtures. The gypsum experts in the REMONDIS Group also produce moulding gypsums to manufacture plaster moulds that vary according to model and quality depending on the requirements and intended application. The formulation for these moulding gypsums can be adapted to influence the drying time and expansion properties to meet the requirements of the individual customers.


To produce liquid screed, SHG uses special types of gypsum as a binding agent. The resulting surface is practically tension-free with high compressive and tensile strength. The calcium sulfate binder used for liquid screed offers a number of advantages such as thinner layers, large surface areas without joints, very good heat conductivity for floors and underfloor heating systems, a very good surface finish as well as the fact that it can be laid very quickly.


Thanks to its production sites in central and south Germany, which also own six quarries, SHG has an excellent position on the market. The company gives priority to sustainability and environmental matters which are reflected throughout the process from the way it extracts the gypsum from the quarries to the efforts it makes afterwards to turn areas into natural habitats. Additional business is also generated by the fact that it is part of the REMONDIS Group which also markets, among other products, gypsum-based binding agents and additives. Together, the two companies are located close to their customers and guarantee the highest of qualities. Each year, REMONDIS markets approx. 350,000t of binding agents and additives under the product name RADDIBIN. SHG ensures that it has access to important raw material reserves and strengthens its presence on the market both at regional and national level.

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