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A practical example

Systematic collection and recycling

The Rennerod production site in the Westerwald region is one of the many locations belonging to the Friedhelm Loh Group


The Friedhelm Loh Group relies on REMONDIS’ services


Among the group of German industrial businesses, the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group is considered to be one of the global growth champions. Across the world, this company group currently has 16 production plants and 63 subsidiaries as well as a workforce of 11,500 employees. Since the middle of 2010, this successful company group has been making use of REMONDIS’ expertise and services at all of its locations in Germany.


“As far as the collection and recycling of waste from our companies is concerned, there used to be a number of uncoordinated individual solutions provided by various different external partners. The result was a situation that was becoming increasingly confusing and, above all, expensive. For this reason, our aim was to find a central contact person and have uniform waste statistics for all services involved,” explained Friedhelm Utsch, head of safety, energy, the environment and company buildings at the group’s central service company, Loh Services.




A logical collection and recycling concept

The Friedhelm Loh Group decided to work together with REMONDIS. An ideal partnership as both family-run companies are present throughout

(from left to right) Christoph Haub, key account manager at REMONDIS, and Friedhelm Utsch, departmental head of work safety, energy, environmental affairs and company buildings at the Friedhelm Loh Group

the country. As a result the best conditions were in place to ensure REMONDIS can provide all services and be located close to the sites to provide support as needed. As part of the cooperation, REMONDIS first developed a waste collection concept together with its customer which was then implemented within a short space of time. The result is a uniform system that has been adapted precisely to meet the requirements and fit in with the work processes.


The aim of this system is to continuously optimize processes and costs. It saves the company’s employees time which can then be spent on the core business instead. The main cost advantages are created by the steps being taken to further reduce the amount of residual waste. This is achieved by systematically sending recyclable fractions for efficient and eco-friendly materials recycling. To ensure the materials are thrown away strictly according to type, REMONDIS has placed bins of differing sizes at the Friedhelm Loh Group’s branches across the country to cover their individual needs. A sign-age system has also been put in place so that the employees know which bin is for which material.  




Involvement of other European countries

The sorted and separated waste ranges from paper, cardboard and card to plastic film to timber to waste electrical and electronic equipment. Suitable containers are also available for mineral waste such as construction waste or mixed construction and demolition waste. Furthermore, plastic straps and polystyrene are collected in special bags and transported from the sites. There are set collection times for all the fractions. If necessary, the branches can inform REMONDIS by fax that there is further material for collection and arrange a suitable date for this to happen.


The waste management system also involves the two partners carrying out an inspection of the locations every six months. Christoph Haub, key account manager at REMONDIS: “This allows us to identify and implement potential optimization measures quickly.” According to Friedhelm Utsch, the company has also already agreed on its next target: to extend this successful system across Europe. This will mean that production plants in, for example, France, Italy and the UK will be able to benefit from this scheme. 




An innovative and fast-growing company group

The Friedhelm Loh Group, which is based in Haiger in Hessen, is expecting to have a turnover of around 2.2 billion euros in the 2011 business year. The group has won a number of prizes for being a top employer as well as for its innovations. In 2010, for example, the company’s owner, Friedhelm Loh, was presented with the prestigious “Diesel Medal” from the German Institute for Invention. The largest company within the group is RITTAL which was founded in 1961 and is a leading global provider of systems covering electronic packaging, power distribution, climate control and IT as well as software and services.



This waste management partnership involves two large German family-run companies, both of which are active across the world.

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