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Remediation work

Reclaiming land


REMONDIS ProTerra redevelops brownfield sites: One city, two remediation projects: REMONDIS ProTerra, a company belonging to the REMEX Group, has reclaimed land in Wuppertal this year with both cases involving highly polluted industrial sites. In both projects, special challenges had to be mastered – from protecting the natural habitat to securing the monorail system, the “Wuppertaler Schwebebahn”. more

 Excavated earth containing tar close to one of the monorail’s supports which has been secured with bored piles




A practical example

Systematic collection and recycling


The Friedhelm Loh Group relies on REMONDIS’ services: Among the group of German industrial businesses, the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group is considered to be one of the global growth champions. Across the world, this company group currently has 16 production plants and 63 subsidiaries as well as a workforce of 11,500 employees. more

 (from left to right) Christoph Haub, key account manager at REMONDIS, and Friedhelm Utsch, departmental head of work safety, energy, environmental affairs and company buildings at the Friedhelm Loh Group




Environmental services

The sustainable use of animal by-products


A company profile of the SARIA group: The specialist subsidiaries of the SARIA Group are internationally active as manufacturers of high quality products for human or animal consumption, for agricultural businesses, for aquaculture as well as for industrial applications. Around 5,000 employees work for the company at its 116 locations in 11 countries. more



 Six ReFood biogas plants in Germany, France and the UK produce electricity from food waste for over 30,000 households





Beneficial partnerships for local authorities


The private sector is demonstrating that it is a reliable and cost-saving service provider: In America, Asia and Europe – across the world, the number of local authorities having to cope with financial difficulties is growing and yet they must still ensure that their local inhabitants are provided with services on a long-term basis. more

 A well-functioning recycling economy not only needs high levels of specialist know-how but also comprehensive logistics and plant technology


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