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Environmental services

In tandem for sustainability


REMONDIS promotes industrial environmental services in Cina: REMONDIS has been involved in the Chinese market for seven years. The company is now stepping up the pace with a number of joint ventures. In collaboration with some powerful partners, REMONDIS Industrie Service is breaking new ground in China by setting up an industrial environmental services operation – and introducing its cutting-edge technology to numerous regions across the country. more

53 % of the Chinese population now lives in urban agglomerations. These are the very areas where sustainable environmental solutions need to be found.




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The smart way to sort


REMONDIS helps nobilia sort its waste and protect the environment in the process: nobilia’s success is built upon German quality, perfect execution, bespoke customer care, and great value for money. With sales in excess of 783 million euros and around 2,150 employees, nobilia is Germany’s biggest manufacturer of fitted kitchens. The two plants in the town of Verl (located in the eastern part of North-Rhine Westphalia) are amongst Europe’s most modern and highest performing sites involved in the manufacturing of kitchen furniture.  more

nobilia’s environmental record is steadily improving. Having said this, until fairly recently, around a third of all its waste used to end up in the residual waste bin. 




Recycling of electrical equipment

A treasure hunt inside your mobile


Environmental services versus raw material shortages: What should you do with your old mobile phone? When a person buys a new mobile phone, they often leave their old one to languish in a drawer or cupboard or even throw it into the bin. This means valuable raw materials go unused, since our little communication helpers conceal real treasures. more

95 % of metal raw materials can be recovered from high-tech electrical devices.




Environmental services

The fire service that follows the fire service

REMONDIS’ subsidiary, SFI Havariemanagement, fights environmental damage: Accidents can’t always be avoided. When they do occur, it is important to keep the consequences down to a minimum. The fire brigade is an excellent first-aider, but when damage has been caused by substances which are hazardous to the environment, some additional professional support is often required. more

In the event of damage, SFI Havariemanagement 24/7 is there to help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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