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Water resources management

Saving costs with KoSIS

Reliable data is essential if costs are to be saved.

REMONDIS Aqua offers cost-optimised renovation and inspection work planning for infrastructure networks as a new service


Many private and public network operators are finding themselves having to face the challenges caused by demographic change, a decline in drinking water consumption and a changing infrastructure. To master these challenges, considerable sums of money will have to be invested in the municipal network-based infrastructures for drinking water, gas and wastewater over the next few years.


To help their customers here, REMONDIS Aqua Services offers a comprehensive service called KoSIS which involves cost-optimised renovation and inspection work planning for infrastructure networks. REMONDIS Aqua’s experts choose a selection of characteristic data from the digital archives of plans, i.e. from the network operator’s geographic information systems (GIS), and draw up a preview of the expected

ageing process of the network. What may sound complicated is in fact not

magic but a process based on a solid statistical calculation base, which has been used successfully for, for example, electoral forecasts for many years now.


REMONDIS Aqua has in the meantime successfully completed a number of KoSIS projects. The latest example of this is the forecast calculations for Waltrop, a city close to Lünen in the north of the Ruhr region. For this project, the company drew up an investment plan, based on its forecasts, for a sewage network approx. 100 kilometres in length. The City of Waltrop provided extensive data from the CCTV camera inspection work carried out on its sewage network as well as from its asset accounting. The experts from REMONDIS Aqua Services then evaluated the data and assigned it to different categories. The factors that have the greatest influence on the ageing process of this sewage network are the material and year of construction as well as the influences of mining activities in the region.


Based on the mathematical projection, the compa0ny was able to show the City of Waltrop what funds would be needed in the future to renovate and maintain its sewage network. REMONDIS’ customer was extremely pleased with the results of the project. The calculations confirmed that it had sufficient financial resources to be able to keep its sewage network in a good condition. Furthermore, the experts at REMONDIS Aqua Services were also able to identify ways to improve the maintenance work carried out on the sewage network. In the last phase of the project they drew up guidelines on how future cleaning work can be better coordinated with expected future maintenance work thus reducing costs for the City of Waltrop. REMONDIS Aqua Services is also using this strategy to optimize the operations of its own drainage networks. Similar projects are being carried out successfully for REMONDIS Aqua business operations in Gemünden am Main as well as for Wasser- und Abwasserbetrieb Lausitz WAL-Betrieb in Senftenberg.


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