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Security of supply

The path of water


Quality and security through private investment: From space, our ‘blue planet’ would appear to have more than enough water. However, only 2.5 percent of all water supplies is fresh water and only one percent of the Earth’s water is suitable as drinking water. Reason enough, therefore, for this scarce and valuable resource to be handled with great care. more

In July 2010, the United Nations declared that access to clean water was a basic human right.




Guest article

Greater need for private-sector commitment


Dr. Mark Oelmann, scientific institute for infrastructure and communication services (WIK),  on improving global water supply and wastewater treatment: According to the UN’s “Human Development Report”, around 2.6 billion people across the world do not have access to a sanitation system and approx. 1.1 billion people are forced to drink polluted water. more

 „Many countries will wish to see the private sector once again playing a much greater role, also in the area of capital investment.“

Dr. Mark Oelmann





The power of change


Diverse projects for a modern water and environmental service sector: Poland is heading towards change: the country is working intensively on creating modern structures for an up-to-date water and environmental service branch. REMONDIS is proving to be one of the main drivers of innovation here with its financial and operational support.  more

More than 90 percent of all waste in Poland is sent to landfill. This should change –  the country is striving towards achieving much higher rates of recycling.




Eastern Europe

Continued growth in the Ukraine


REMONDIS is on the road to success setting up a modern recycling sector in the ukraine: REMONDIS has been active in the Ukraine since the summer of 2007. Within just three years, it has become  one of the leading water and environmental service companies in this Eastern European country. more

REMONDIS is market leader in the area of water and environmental services in the neighbouring countries, Poland and Hungary.

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