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REMONDIS has also been helping Russia to introduce Western standards since 2008. Its first project was to found a joint venture in Dzerzhinsk, a town in the region of Nizhny Novgorod.

Latest news

No future for new technologies?


Technological advances are being jeopardized by the shortage of raw materials: Raw Materials for Future Technologies – this is the title of a study carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics. This study involved scientists looking at to what extent high tech alters the demand for raw materials and quickens the consumption of natural resources. The results are alarming. ... more




Water resources management

Clear water and clean energy


High-tech solution for Valensina creates a double advantage: Treating wastewater and at the same time generating energy – the Valensina Group has now decided to make use of this double advantage, too: this specialist for premium fruit juice drinks has signed a contract with REMONDIS Aqua ... more





In the heart of the Ruhr Region


Public private partnerships prove to be a success in the capital of culture year: The Ruhr Region – Germany’s largest industrial area with 5.3 million inhabitants on 4,435 square kilometres. This year, the region is Europe’s Capital of Culture. Over the whole year, it is presenting art and culture, its landscapes and people, history and future. Half way through, the event has already attracted 4.8 million guests to the region. ... more





Filming at the Lippe Plant


July 2010, the old railway tracks at the Lippe Plant in Lünen are shimmering in the heat. It’s 34 degrees centigrade in the shade – and there’s very little of that where the filming is taking place – and four men in red REMONDIS working gear are walking through a fountain of water glistening in the sun which is being created by the water cannons owned by the plant’s fire brigade. Again and again - until the director finally shouts “cut” ... more

Guest article


Elements of a sustainable industrial society

The foundations of our society are the manufacturing industry more




Committed to the region

Hospital supplied with free drinking water more


Environmental services


Waste management partner for Europe 

CLAAS, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, is now working internationally with REMONDIS, too more

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