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Production activities based on secondary raw materials are considerably more energy-efficient. Consistent recycling, therefore, also helps to protect the climate.


Standards of living must be maintained


With resources dwindling, reliable alternatives must be found: Experts have issued a warning: the Earth’s natural resources may run out earlier than expected. Some metals, including essential base materials, may even have been exhausted by the end of this decade. This increases the need for action, because today’s standard of living will not be able to be maintained without these important raw materials. more





International water resources management

REMONDIS enters the Russian water management market


PPP project begins in Arzamas, a city with 120,000 inhabitants:

People in Russia have recognized the signs of the time. Last year, the Russian Federation initiated the “Clean Water” project. Plans are to invest 15 billion roubles, around 375 billion euros, in the project by 2020. And yet many local Russian authorities find themselves in the same situation as those in Germany. There is a lot of work to be done ... more




Plastics recycling

A growing market for recycled plastics


REMONDIS Plano international trades in plastics under the name PLANOTRADE: The formula is simple: the more expensive oil becomes, the more valuable plastic becomes. And it is an inescapable fact that crude oil is becoming scarcer and scarcer and as a result more and more expensive. As plastics primarily consist of crude oil, an increasing number of manufacturers of plastic products ... more







Triathlete Andreas Breitsprecher carries the REMONDIS logo with him over the finishing line: When Andreas Breitsprecher travels to work in Kiel at 5 o’clock in the morning, he normally walks the distance or takes his bike. The fact that he is almost three times as fast as the other pedestrians and cyclists and sometimes overtakes one or other car can be put down to his hobby. The experienced operator ... more

Climate protection


More recycling – Less CO2

REMONDIS is also working to protect the climate on land, water and for the air ... more


International water resources management


REMONDIS Aqua in Spain – Growth through more water
REMONDIS Aqua International GmbH takes over the spanish water service provider, OMS-Sacede S.A., Barcelona ... more


Remediation services


Working in the Baltic

SAVA retrieves large volumes of pesticides across Lithuania ... more

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