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Steel and metal recycling

TSR focuses on growth



New sites extend catchment areas at home and abroad: The signs are pointing to recycling in the metal sector, too. With good reason, for recycling helps to guarantee the supply of raw materials and, at the same time, helps to limit climate change. The TSR Group are experts in this field. They are continuing to extend their market position through strategic expansion. more


Using recycled metals not only reduces the need for primary raw materials but also guarantees energy-efficient, low-CO2 production processes.




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Three times brighter, three times cleaner!


REMONDIS Olpe is TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG’S partner for waste management: Its name is its programme. As early as 1949, the medium-sized, Arnsberg-based family-run company gave itself a name that shines all around the world today: TRILUX, made up of the Latin words Tri for “threefold” and Lux for “light”. The idea behind the name was the development of lighting units for low-voltage fluorescent ... mehr

Optimizing the separation of waste and the organisation of waste collection saves costs.




Waste-records system

Electronic waste-records procedure enters the final stretch


REGISTA® paves the way of the new era of German waste law: Just a few weeks – then all records dealing with hazardous waste must be submitted digitally. With its software solution, REGISTA®, REMONDIS has set up the best prerequisites to be able to put the legal requirements into practice without a hitch. more

New rules for hazardous waste: from April 2010 the records and approval procedures will be carried out digitally.




Collection of hazardous waste

A classic service with a future


Main task is still the collection of small volumes of dangerous materials: The company has a tradition in providing mobile and stationary collection services for hazardous waste. For more than 20 years, they have been ensuring that small volumes of potentially dangerous materials are disposed of correctly or recycled. Despite its long history, the separate collection of risky materials remains as topical a subject as ever. mehr

From old medicines to detergents and cleaning agents to cleaning solvents: many small volumes of waste have hazardous contents that can endanger people and the environment.

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