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New Zealand

“Down Under” continues to expand

REMONDIS has extended its global presence by entering the New Zealand market.

REMONDIS Australia acquires Metrowaste NZ


Another milestone was achieved in the history of REMONDIS on 02 November 2009 when REMONDIS Australia acquired the business and assets of Metrowaste NZ. Metrowaste is a privately owned company and was established in 1979. It is situated in Auckland on New Zealand’s Northern Island and has operations in Avondale (head office and operations) and a transfer station in Rodney. New Zealand is, therefore, the 26th country on REMONDIS’ global map.


New Zealand is often described as the whole world on two islands. Practically every kind of landscape that the world has to offer can be found in New Zealand attracting tourists from all around the globe to the South Pacific. Metrowaste, REMONDIS’ latest subsidiary, successfully operates in the municipal and commercial & industrial sectors and the organisations’ activities are centred around municipal contracts, transfer station operations, special events and the commercial and industrial sector. Metrowaste’s services range from refuse bag collection and residential bin collection to commercial bin collection and hook lift bins.

The municipal sector makes up about 60 % of the company’s business. Metrowaste’s largest client is the Auckland City Council for whom Metrowaste services 78,000 MGBs and is currently conducting a commercial recycling trial. The organisation also has a litter bin collection and skip bin business in Rodney District Council, where its transfer station is located. Metrowaste’s commercial business forms 40 % of its activities and revolves around commercial and general waste collection, recycling and transfer station management. With a staff of 69 full-time employees, Metrowaste NZ manages 36,600 tonnes of municipal and almost 11,000 tonnes of C+I waste annually. Metrowaste has 27 front line vehicles and a total fleet of 50 vehicles.

The future will bring some exciting changes to Metrowaste as municipalities are changing their collection strategies from bagged and crated recyclables to MGBs and greater emphasis will be put on recycling and organic processing. Metrowaste will also look to expand onto the Southern Island and to further grow and expand its commercial activities.



“Metrowaste will also look to expand onto the Southern Island.”

Luke Agati, managing director of REMONDIS Australia

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