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News in brief

District of Gifhorn and REMONDIS open a CHP plant at the Wesendorf landfill

A combined heat and power plant (CHP) was officially put into operation at the Wesendorf landfill this August to transform landfill gas into electricity. The energetic recovery of the landfill gas is the first part of a long-term cooperation agreement between the District of Gifhorn and REMONDIS. Waste was delivered to the landfill between 1982 and 2005 and now has a volume of approx. 1.5m³. The rotting and digestion processes create a gas in the landfill body, which for the most part consists of combustible methane. The landfill gas is drawn off via special wells using a vacuum process. The so-called gas wells have different intake levels and are up to 15m deep.

By irrigating the landfill body using an irrigation system, it is possible to control the water balance of the landfill exactly which, in turn, has a great influence on the formation of the landfill gas. As a result, the landfill is run like a bioreactor with the aim of making the best possible use of the gas yield using biochemical conversion processes. The extracted landfill gas is then fed into the CHP via a compression system. A gas engine generates electrical energy via a generator which is then fed into the LSW electricity grid. Thus, with this plant in Wesendorf, the District of Gifhorn and REMONDIS are making a further contribution towards limiting climate change and air pollution.

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