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Generation change

Accepting challenges – Taking responsibility



Generation change within the supervisory board of the RETHMANN Group: During the meeting of the supervisory board of the family-run RETHMANN AG & Co. KG on 21 September 2009, the course was set for a generation change. Norbert Rethmann handed over his chairmanship of the supervisory board of the RETHMANN Group to his son, Dr Martin Rethmann. more

The current RETHMANN Group management team: (from left to right) Dr Martin Rethmann (chairman of supervisory board) with board members, Ludger Rethmann, Reinhard Lohmann (chairman of board of management) and Klemens Rethmann.





Recycling is a practical way to protect nature


An interview with the president of NABU, Olaf Tschimpke, on how the environmental service branch contributes towards nature conservation: Less waste and much more recycling are not dreams of the future for NABU (The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union). Today, we are already able to produce resource-efficient, long-lasting recyclable products. Besides the ... more

Intact natural life cycles and a clean environment are the basis of life for all living things.




Limiting climate change

New energy for road traffic


REMONDIS subsidiary VERA refuels hydrogen buses in Hamburg: The go-ahead has been given: hydrogen is establishing itself as the energy source of the future at an ever faster rate. Hamburg is the forerunner in Germany. By extending its H2 infrastructures, the city is helping to preserve the world’s scarce oil reserves ... more

VERA generates climate-friendly electricity and district heat from sewage sludge and sewage gas for Germany’s second-largest city.





Action must follow the words


A close look at the new government’s coalition agreement: REMONDIS aktuell spoke to REMONDIS managing director and Vice President of the BDE, Andreas Bankamp, about the core subjects of the coalition agreement and the expectations the water and environmental service industry has of the new German government. more

The future of the water and environmental service branch depends very much on political decisions.

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