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Environmental services

Stability and growth in times of change

Reinhard Lohmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of REMONDIS SE & Co. KG, on the effects of the Financial crisis on the real economy and REMONDIS’ growth prospects: Not a day has gone by over the last few weeks and months without the financial crisis being mentioned in some form or other. The collapse of the so-called sub-prime market in the USA has resulted in major banks. more

 A functioning, high performance banking system is essential for the private sector.




Liberals: private sector must also compete for waste management activities

"European Framework Directive is a step in the wrong direction"


FDP MPs, count Lambsdorff and van Essen, visit REMONDIS: The new European waste regulations were one of the subjects discussed during the FDP MEP Count Alexander Lambsdorff’s recent visit to REMONDIS. Accompanied by the local MP, Jörg van Essen, and other representatives of the local FDP party, Count Lambsdorff spoke with Egbert Tölle, a member of the REMONDIS board ... more

 The FDP MEP Count Alexander Lambsdorff is also calling for greater competition in the water and environmental service branch instead of state control.




Guest commentary

Turning waste into opportunity


Andris Piebalgs, European Energy Commissioner, on the importance of waste energy recovery for an effective energy strategy within the European Union: The European Commission proposed in January 2008 a far-reaching package of proposals that will deliver the European Council’s commitments to fight climate change and promote renewable energy. The package seeks to reduce ... more

 Andris Piebalgs has been the EU’s Energy Commissioner since 2004. The 51-year-old physicist from Latvia is fluent in five languages.




An interview with Prof. Hüther, German Economic Institute

Is the Public Procurement Law just?


The controversial article 99, paragraph 1, is pushing medium-sized service providers out of the market: With a procurement volume of 360 billion euros, public sector bodies have a considerable influence on the economy in Germany. This fact makes it all the more important to have a public procurement market that is fair, transparent and performance-oriented to ensure that private sector SMEs have access ... more

 Prof. Michael Hüther has been a director and member of the management committee of the German Economic Institute since 2004

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