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Cutting-edge technology for old equipment. Closed material life cycles with REMONDIS Electrorecycling.

REMONDIS Electrorecycling provides intelligent recycling services: yesterday’s old equipment is turned into secondary raw materials that fulfil the highest of standards.

More and more mobile phones are ending up in drawers having been replaced by more modern versions, the latest generation of electrical equipment is moving into kitchens and offices are exchanging their monitors for advanced flat screens: the recent wave of new electronic and IT equipment is presenting the recycling branch with new challenges. REMONDIS Electrorecycling demonstrates how to create sustainable collection and recycling systems for waste electrical and electronic equipment. We cover all fields of business in this sector from intelligent take-back systems to dismantling and recycling processes to returning the recycled materials to the economic cycle.




Sustainable protection of valuable materials

The first thing we do when we dismantle technical equipment is to separate the hazardous material from recyclable material – for example at Europe’s largest WEEE dismantling centre at the company’s head office in Lünen. By doing so, the different fractions can be separated strictly according to type which can then be processed into high quality secondary raw materials. The recovered plastic granulates and the high quality batches of copper, iron and glass show it is particularly worthwhile turning to REMONDIS’ many years of expert knowledge for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment, too.

Continuous growth


REMONDIS Electrorecycling’s success story began in 1990 and it certainly hasn’t yet reached its peak despite the 140,000 tonnes of recycled waste equipment it currently handles each year.


Utmost priority given to security


Computers, laptops and mainframe computers also become obsolete at some time or other. In such cases, customers not only need professional recycling services but also absolute reliability when it comes to data protection.


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