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First-class organization.

Strong services for the whole of Europe.

REMONDIS is active across the whole of Europe with its close network of branches and plants.

The countries on the European continent are growing ever closer to one another – politically as well as culturally and economically. The standards within the water and environmental service branches are also converging. REMONDIS makes an important contribution towards this being achieved. Our company has been a success throughout the whole of Europe for many years now. Starting from Lünen, our business has expanded into numerous European countries. Today, our network of locations stretches from Sweden to Italy and from Great Britain to the Ukraine.




Benefits that are in international demand

Whether it is a joint venture in Turkey, a public private partnership in Poland or a take-back system in France: local authorities, companies and local residents benefit from working together with REMONDIS. Using the experience of the whole of the REMONDIS Group, our European regional companies are continually improving their range of services, implementing innovative processes and establishing new solutions for effective material-flow management.

Many countries – one partner


Internationally active companies in particular benefit from working together with our many European branches. Thanks to our cross-border presence, you can work with the same partner in practically every country.


Water – a valuable resource


We develop effective solutions for Europe within the water resources sector, too. You can learn more about these on the REMONDIS Aqua pages.

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