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The art of recycling.

REMONDIS in Taiwan.

Having been granted the official licence for imports to China, REMONDIS fulfilled the requirements needed to develop strong business activities in other areas of Asia, too. Our activities in Taiwan are an important factor here.

The political relationship between the West Pacific island Taiwan and its neighbours China has never been very clear. Everyone, however, appears to agree on one thing: the country is making rapid economic progress. In many cases it is no longer simply a production site for very simple products as it used to be in the past. For, as the economic boom continues, so more complex production and value-added activities are growing in importance. All this means: a greater demand for raw materials and more residual waste – a case for REMONDIS.




Cutting-edge methods for the best results

REMONDIS is present in Taiwan in Nan Tou, a large city located in the middle of the island. Our core service here involves the recycling of plastics. And we use cutting edge technology to achieve this. REMONDIS PLANO collects, cleans and cuts up different kinds of plastics from many different sources, for example old drinks bottles. Once this material has undergone the necessary treatment processes, we use it to produce plastic granulates which are then marketed across the world – with the given guarantee that they can be used to produce containers for holding food.

Across the world, oceans are drowning in non-recycled plastic waste. We ensure that residual waste is kept away from nature.

Responsible tasks


Well-functioning material life cycles: REMONDIS PLANO handles around 20.000 tonnes of material in Taiwan each year.

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