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Growth combined with resource conservation.

REMONDIS in China.

Whether it is to do with protecting the climate or conserving natural resources: the dynamic economic boom in China also means rapid progress has to be made in these areas.

Everyone is talking about China’s rapid economic growth. The growth rate of the country’s gross domestic product, which is often a two-figure rate, underlines what international competitors are already feeling: within the shortest period, China has changed from being the “extended workbench” of Western industrial countries to being a genuine competitor that is catching up quickly in a variety of branches including the automobile, electronics and service branches. However, the fact that large cities are growing at such record speed makes one thing very clear indeed: China’s economic boom is using up an enormous amount of non-renewable resources. 




Secondary raw materials as the primary solution

Since 2004, REMONDIS has been providing new solutions in China showing how sustainable ecological growth is possible. For, secondary raw materials, produced from recyclable waste, are a genuine alternative for many branches. They not only conserve natural resources but also the budget. As a result, we continuously analyse the market from our business location in Shanghai looking for secondary raw materials which are used in paper, metal and plastics production. And by doing so, we adapt our products and services to fulfil the needs of our Chinese customers even better.

Global material life cycles


China’s need for primary raw materials is growing at an ever-increasing rate. The consumption of natural resources can be effectively reduced by increasing recycling activities.

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