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Future prospects for emerging countries.

REMONDIS in the Far East and the Gulf Region.

Asia is booming – both economically and demographically. Effective recycling solutions are needed to protect the environment and ensure long-term quality of life.

Progress has been made in many regions in Asia. Besides Japan, which is already well established as an industrial power, it is, above all, China and India that are constantly tapping into additional potential for economic growth. However, population figures in many Asian countries are growing rapidly, too. This development has meant new standards are needed in the areas of water and waste management – both for businesses and for local authorities. There is, therefore, a demand for innovative and modern solutions to accompany this growth and secure standards. REMONDIS is at home on the Asian market acting as a reliable partner. The company is pushing forward the development of future-oriented models for the water and recycling branches in China, India and Taiwan as well as in the Gulf States, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).




Working together for the best results

Besides working directly in the market, REMONDIS is also active in Asia via joint ventures. Thus, we cooperate with local authorities in public private partnerships (PPP) and run joint ventures with a variety of companies. This commitment is proving to be a success. An ever-increasing number of municipal and private-sector customers are opting to use REMONDIS’ effective solutions.

The importance of Asia is growing


Experts believe that in the future three of the top four global economic powers will be from the Far East. Modern waste management will, therefore, become more and more important in Asia.


Cooperation work brings additional opportunities


Joint ventures and PPPs are an efficient way to push forward recycling in Asia.

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