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“The REMONDIS Group stands for state-of-the-art, future-oriented water and environmental services - practically all around the world.”

Working together to be a success.

An overview of the company group.

United under the REMONDIS name, the companies of our group provide a wide range of water and environmental services. Our primary aim is to conserve natural resources in a sustainable way as well as to contribute towards achieving effective climate protection.




Regional presence, specialised in every task

Our strength is based on two main cornerstones. The first is our regional companies that work directly on site in their area in a wide variety of countries. We are not only active in Europe but also in Asia and Australia. One of the fundamental reasons why our international businesses stand out is the innovative services they provide that have been adapted to meet the requirements of the individual countries exactly. Our specialist companies are the other cornerstone of our group. Together with these businesses, we provide expert, cross-border services in a large number of specialist areas – from WEEE recycling to recycling hazardous waste to environmental services to name just a few. Last but by no means least, REMONDIS Aqua serves its customers by providing state-of-the-art services in the international water resources branch.

Internationally active, at home in Germany


Even if we are active across the globe, the focus of our activities is the Federal Republic of Germany. More information about our regional services can be found on the following pages

Region North

Region East

Region West

Region Rhineland

Region South-West

Region South

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