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No raw material can last forever. This is precisely why REMONDIS is doing everything in its power to conserve our planet's natural resources – collecting, processing and marketing 30 million tonnes of recyclables every year.


  • Whether it be hazardous waste or recyclables – our trucks are on the road collecting the products and substances our customers no longer need all around the world every single day. Thanks to our professional logistics concepts, we are able to collect both large and small quantities of materials and still run a cost-effective business.


One of our 750 locations: the REMONDIS Lippe Plant in Lünen, Germany, is a production site for high quality raw materials, base materials, special products and industrial goods. A large number of pioneering sorting, processing and recycling solutions have been tested and implemented here.

Compact digital cameras and video cameras contain valuable raw materials which we recover and send for materials recycling.


Nothing is lost: with our efficient technologies and systematic recycling systems, we ensure industrial businesses receive the supplies they need. Which is why REMONDIS promotes recycling across the world. With new technologies and growing capacities.

REMONDIS Global Website


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