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REMONDIS and the group's numerous regional and specialist businesses offer a wide range of services. The different companies in this global group provide environmental and industrial services, supply raw materials, produce resource-friendly fuels and offer innovative products.

REMONDIS' regional companies

  • Six regional companies in Germany alone and a large number of others in many countries around the world specialise in providing integral waste management and industrial services for their private and public sector clients.

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    REMONDIS Aqua builds, operates and maintains pipe networks as well as facilities and plants to process drinking water, treat wastewater and recycle residual materials.

REMONDIS Electrorecycling

    REMONDIS Electrorecycling operates dismantling centres that treat and recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment using legally compliant and eco-friendly processes.

REMONDIS Industrie Service

    REMONDIS Industrie Service offers their industrial, commercial and retail customers safe and sustainable solutions for managing and recycling their hazardous waste.


    REMONDIS Medison specialises in processing and disposing of problematic waste from hospitals, doctors' surgeries, dental surgeries, printing businesses and photo laboratories.

REMONDIS Production

REMONDIS Trade & Sales

    REMONDIS Trade & Sales trades in old paper and handles around 2,500,000 tonnes of this valuable raw material on behalf of its international customers every year.


    BUCHEN offers specialist services to large and heavy industries, refineries, chemical parks and nuclear plants – including industrial services, waste management and renovation work.



    EKO-PUNKT® offers a cost-effective way to take back sales and transport packaging.


    EURAWASSER is a private sector service provider specialising in water supply and wastewater treatment.


    REMEX are experts in collecting, processing and recycling all types of mineral waste.


    RETERRA specialises in treating, recycling and marketing organic raw materials as well as in operating treatment plants and supplying renewable fuels and energy.



    UCL carries out top quality and reliable laboratory tests combined with a wide range of convenient services – from taking samples, to performing routine analytical work all the way through to developing bespoke processes.


REMONDIS Global Website


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    We offer our services in Europe and overseas.


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