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A wide range of recycling, service and water activities

  • The REMONDIS Group operates in many fields of business: it recovers raw materials from waste, develops innovative recycled products, offers alternative fuels and is involved in water supply and wastewater treatment. In addition, REMONDIS removes pollutants from residual and hazardous wastes – which are unable to be recycled with today's technology – and disposes of them using eco-friendly methods.

  • Thanks to its recycling processes, REMONDIS supplies more than 30 million tonnes of raw materials every year

  • A reliable supply of raw materials whilst systematically preventing climate change

    The goal of REMONDIS' far-reaching activities is to preserve our planet's natural resources and to make the most of the sources of secondary raw materials available to us. By doing so, the Group is making an important and sustainable contribution towards providing a future-oriented supply of raw materials and preventing climate change.

    • Using the many years of experience of our traditional, family-run company, REMONDIS is working continuously towards improving its services, implementing innovative recycling processes and perfecting material flow management. Extensive knowledge, integral solutions and forward-thinking ideas all form the basis of our successful business activities.

      Heading for new shores: scrap metal is being loaded on board ship here to be taken to a recycling facility

  • High quality services for companies, the public sector and local inhabitants

    More than 30 million people and many thousands of public sector clients and companies already benefit from the REMONDIS Group's services. Focusing on its customers' requirements at all times, REMONDIS provides reliable services and innovative solutions within the recycling and water sectors.

    REMONDIS' particular strengths are its high standards of quality, its perfect infrastructures and the fact it can offer a full range of services along the whole of the supply chain. Manufacturing businesses can, for example, optimise their business processes and cut their costs by using REMONDIS' process-integrated industrial services. There are also a whole range of advantages to be gained for local authorities and not just from REMONDIS' public sector services but also from the company's integral recycling and water services. Benefits that can be created through working directly with the company, via joint ventures or as public private partnerships (PPP).

  • Competent teams with know-how and experience

    More than 32,000 people work for the REMONDIS Group all around the world. They ensure that our customers are provided with a reliable supply of top quality services whenever they need them.

    • Whether it be future-oriented water and recycling management, collecting recyclables or researching new treatment processes: each and every REMONDIS employee is a specialist in their field. Systematic initial and further training courses safeguard the level of expertise of this global team.

      The REMONDIS Group provides promising prospects all around the world – also as an employer

  • Growth on the global market

    The strategic goal of the REMONDIS Group is to create supply chains that cover each and every service that may be required. The Group's global presence is being continuously extended. Geographically, it focuses on Europe, Asia and Oceania.

      Asia will also be one of the most important markets for REMONDIS in the future

    • Its growth strategy comprises making full use of all opportunities that arise as well as systematically tapping into additional potential. REMONDIS augments its organic growth with targeted acquisitions. These, for example, help to complete the company's range of services, to round off its presence on regional markets or to enter new markets.

REMONDIS Global Website


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