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Pure energy.
Fuels from alternative forms of energy.

REMONDIS is also the right place to go to on the energy market. We generate electricity, steam and heat in our waste-to-energy plants and biomass-fired power plants – both for our own use and for contributing towards the energy requirements of towns and districts. Besides this, we also provide alternative forms of energy, such as biogas, biodiesel and wood fuels. Furthermore, REMONDIS processes high-heating-value waste fractions into high-energy substitute fuels. These can be used in cement works and other industrial furnaces as a substitute for fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal, and so help to preserve natural resources. There's no better way to unite the safe disposal of waste with the conservation of resources and the prevention of climate change!


Fossil energy sources which have been discovered and which can be mined economically will have run out in less than 50 years' time. REMONDIS is looking for alternatives and has already developed some interesting opportunities.



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