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  • Across the world, REMONDIS is well known for its innovative recycling, service and water management activities. By investing in research and development work, in technology and training, the Group is preparing for the future and safeguarding its positive development around the globe.

  • The REMONDIS Group companies carry out a whole range of recycling and water management tasks

REMONDIS: Facts & Figures

  • > Company figures
    Turnover6 billion euros/year
    Investments250 million euros/year
    Business locations> 750 in over 30 countries
    Network of facilities> 800 facilities
    Logistics network8,000 commercial vehicles
    Raw materials> 30 million tonnes/year
  • REMONDIS: network of plants and facilities

    From processing plants to waterworks – REMONDIS operates an international network of 824 plants and facilities for a whole range of different tasks.

    > Type of facilityNumber
    Construction waste processing plants29
    Biogas plants18
    Biomass-fired power plant1
    Chemicals treatment facility1
    Landfill gas plants10
    RDF production plants6
    Photographic chemical treatment facilities8
    Commercial waste processing facilities9
    Gypsum production plants7
    Glass processing facilities10
    Wood processing facilities15
    Sewage treatment plants180
    Sewage sludge incineration plant1
    Composting plants48
    Plastics processing facilities5
    Solvent recovery facilities2
    Metal slag processing facility1
    Scrap metal processing facilities63
    Paper sorting facilities12
    Residual waste processing facilities, mechanical/biological12
    WEEE dismantling centres7
    Hazardous waste processing plants126
    Hazardous waste incineration plants3
    Sorting plants for light packaging & recyclables14
    Thermal waste treatment plants9
    Drinking water processing plants202
    White mineral production plant1
    Fluidised-bed power plant1
  • REMONDIS: material flows

    REMONDIS handles huge volumes of materials. Each year, the company's specialists collect, process and market a good 30 million tonnes of raw materials and recyclables.

    > Materialt/year
    Metals/scrap metal7,316,000
    Construction waste2,900,000
    Waste incineration slag2,400,000
    Organic/garden waste1,750,000
    Sewage sludge1,300,000
    Hazardous waste1,200,000
    Light packaging148,000
    Metal slag94,000
    Photographic chemicals8,600
    Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum etc.)65
REMONDIS Global Website


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